First things first! Bueno Brothers does not take any money made on projects. We are able to afford the projects thanks to sponsors, subsidies, partners and our lovely Patreons.


On every project 100% of generated income is donated to charities and research. Money is raised from streams, views & airplay.


We try to get the raised amount as accurate as possible on the project page. Every 6 months we will transfer the money to the designated charities and research institutes.

When you watch a commercial before our video on Youtube we generate income. When you play our song on Spotify we generate income. When we get played on the radio or TV, we generate income.


"The more views and plays the more we raise"

We can generate income from views by showing advertisements. When you watch and advertisement you have made a donation.

We can generate income from plays on for example Spotify. This comes from advertisements or memberships. So just listening is a donation.

Sharing our content hopefully means more people will hear of see our content and therefore more income will be generated. Also just sharing our message by talking about the issue is just as important.

By donating directly to other charities you will directly help people who need it most.